Curriculum Vitae


 4317 Butler Place
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

  BA, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, 1964
  Graduate School, 44 hours, double major
  Art Education and Fine Art 1964-1966
  Art Education K thru Jr. College. 1966
  Summer School University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 1963.
  Master Class, Patty Gray Instructor, The Glass Furnace, Turkey
  Master Class, Richard La Londe,  Whidbey Island, Washington
2017 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Raku Mask Firing 2
2017 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Raku Mask Firing
2016 Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Howell October Show
2015 Suzanne Wallace Mears Studio,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Telling Tribal Tales
2015 Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM,The Art and Soul of Color
2014 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Celebrate Valentines's Day
2012 Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New Work 
2012 Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Tribal Exploration, Part II
2011 Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,Tribal Music
2009 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tribal Exploration, Part
2008 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Flying Solo
2008 Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Images and Allegories
2008 Basalt Gallery, Basalt, Colorado, Sandia and Mears
2007 Raffine', Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Raffine' Presents
2006 Studio Swan, Serenbe, Georgia, Kiln formed Glass
2005 Raffine', Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Glass and Painting
2003 Taylor's Contemporanea, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Wall of Glass
1996 Suzanne Wallace Mears' Gallery, Carbondale, Colorado, New Work
1990 Hong Kong, ceramic and collage Dancing with Color
1990 Joanne Lyon Gallery, Aspen, Colorado, Double Take
2018 "In Living Color," Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2018 12 x 12, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2018 "Autumn Pop-Up", Nault Fine Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2017 12 x 12, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2017 syd entel gallery, Safety Harbor, Florida "An Emotional Journey Through Color
2015 IAO, All artist show, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015 Line Gallery, Group show invitational, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015 Painting in the Courtyard, Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015 Art Now, Invitational, Oklahoma Contemporary, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2015-16 Ballet Oklahoma, annual fund-raising event, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2006-15 12 x 12, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2014 Pippin Contemporary Group Show, Santa Fe, NM, June
2014 Oklahoma Festival of the Arts, Sculpture Park, April
2014 Femme Fatales, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April
2013 National Water Media Oklahoma Exhibition, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2013 Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Group Show, 2013
2012-16 Painting in the Courtyard, Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Ok
2012 What's the Journey All About, Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Augus
2012 Choices, YWCA Campaign, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2012
2013-14-15 Oklahoma Festival of the Arts Sculpture Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2012 Los Angeles Art Expo, Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, January
2011 All Gallery Show, Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Oklahoma Friendly, Oklahoma Art Guild, Juried Show, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2011 Reigning in the Arts, Oklahoma Art Guild, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2010-14 Red Dot, IOA Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2010 A Party Different, Invitational, Allied Arts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2010 All Gallery Artists, Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2009 The Container Show, PAA, juried, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2009 Price Tower Arts Center, international invitational juried show, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
2007 All Gallery Artists, Janne Fine Art, Carefree, Arizona
2008-14 Oklahoma City Art Museum annual fund-raising event invitational
2008-15 Free to Live, annual fund-raising event
2008 Dinner in the Deuce, Invitational, Untitled Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2008-15 Refreshing the Palette, The Metro, Invitational
2001,10,11 Cafe City Arts Invitational, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1997-2006 All Gallery Artists Show, Hayden Hays Gallery,  Colorado Springs, Colorado
2017 OETA: "Gallery America" Episode 301 first aired July 12, 2017
2016 ionOKLAHOMA, Suzanne Mears: Glass Artist, December/January 2017 issue
2015 The Santa Fean, The Art and Soul of Color, June/July issue
2015 American Art Collector, Feathers on the Loose, p. 162-163, June/July issue
2013 Western Art and Architecture, Illumination, p.58, June/July
2012 Slice, Color my World, November
2012 Albuquerque Journal Newspaper, Art as Life
2011 The Oklahoman, Tour for Connoisseurs, September
2011 Oklahoma Magazine, Creating Happiness, July issue
2009 Nichols Hills News, Touring the Metro, p 30, December issue
2009 Saturday Magazine, Friday, p. 7, March 20
2008 Urban Tulsa Weekly, December 4-10
2008 Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine, Magical World of Suzanne Wallace Mears, May  issue
2006 Mid-West City Advocate, p.11, January
2005 Quail Creek Magazine, Bridging Mediums to Bring Joy, September issue
2005 Downtown Magazine, Bridging Mediums to Bring Joy, September issue
2005 Oklahoma Today Magazine, Glass Menagerie, August issue
2005 Oklahoma Gazette, Art This, p.34, September 21
2003 The Sentinel Record, Art Review, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  Steve Spitz and Steve Thompson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Rob Littlefield and Jim Curtis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Eric Green, NYC, NY
  Michael Kowalski, NYC, NY
  Rhonda and Governor David Walters, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Kim and Governor Brad Henry, Oklahoma
  Molly and President David Boren, OU, Norman, Oklahoma
  Dr S.J. and Hugh Pickens, Ponca City, Oklahoma
  Tony Colby, Iowa City, Iowa
  Pat Hartwell, Arlington, Virginia
  David and Cheryl Merritt, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Larry Connor, Centerville, Ohio
  Sam Blackstock and Jeffrey Erwin, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Russanne Bull Solomon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Jim and Carla Tourtlelotte, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Santa Fe, NM
  Elizabeth Gilbert, Mahwah, New Jersey
  Renee and Denny Hogan, Scottsdale, Arizona
  Joyce Turley Nicholas, Tiburon, California
  Kyle Singler, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Barry and Gay Golsen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Stuart Turner, Tuxedo, New York
  George Nash, Denver,  Colorado
  Alan and Judy Manzler, Cleveland, Ohio
  Ty T Hartwig, Oklahoma
  Holly and Steve Golsen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Ken and Jimi Davidson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Bill Lavin and Michael Lavin, Frisco, Texas
  Howell Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Don Goode, Columbus, Ohio
  Paul and Ann-Marie Lundmark, Manakin Sabot, Virginia
  Nancy Leonard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  Pamela Levy and Rick Crandall, Aspen, Colorado
  Gideon Gartner, NYC, NY
  Burton Goldberg, Tiburon, California
  Dr. James Brand and Dr. John Stuemky, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Berlin, Germany
  Nick and Renee Preftakes, Oklahoma City and Chicago, Illinois
  Lance and Cindy Ruffel, Oklahoma City and Tesuque, NM
  John and Tsinena Thompson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  501 Restaurant, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Painting)
  Meat Market Refectory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma(Paintings, mixed media works on paper)
  Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (kiln formed glass sculpture)
  Stephenson Cancer Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Painting, kiln formed glass, ceramics)
  2006-2010 Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins Offices, Oklahoma State Capitol (Paintings, kiln formed glass)
  Mabee Gerrer Art Museum, Shawnee, Oklahoma (collage, glass)
2017 Independant Artists of Oklahoma
2017 Oklahoma Contemporary Museum of Art
2017 Myriad Botanical Gardens
1998-2018 Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
2007-2018 Glass Art Society
2006-2018 Oklahoma City Museum of Art
2009-2018 Paseo Arts Association
2008-2018 Oklahoma Art Guild
2011-2018 New Mexico Glass Alliance

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